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Valuation Reports

Have your system valued by solar professionals utilizing an industry recognized method.

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The AUSSI Valuation Method

We offer standalone solar valuations as well as additions to inspections.


We use the present condition of your solar system with projected future solar output to calculate the value of your system at your current utility rate schedule.


Appraisal Institute approved valuation method.


Valuations based off the Fanny Mae (largest mortgage lender in the world) and recommended procedures.

Will a Solar Home’s Value Increase or Decrease?

Studies have shown that the home’s value changes depending on the system’s condition, ownership status, and operational history.

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How to Use Your Solar Valuation Report

Once you have your valuation report available, you can use our appraised value as a negotiating tool in the home buying and selling process.

This will help you gauge whether system repair costs are worth the additional value.

Realtors – discover how an AUSSI solar valuation can be used to help your client. 
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