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Solar Diagnostics & Repair

We partner exclusively with AUSSI-certified solar professionals to provide you with an industry leading standard for your solar repairs.

How We Test and Repair Your System



Get in touch with AUSSI so we can schedule a time to test your system.


We run various tests and review monitoring data to pinpoint the root cause of any issues.


We provide a summary of any problems with a cost breakdown to repair each issue.


We promptly repair the system and warranty any repairs, detailed below.


1-year workmanship warranty on any repaired portion and 5-year warranty on any roof penetrations installed during the repair. If any portion of the repair work malfunctions within a year of repair, we will promply send an AUSSI-certified solar professional to fix the issue at absolutely no cost to you.

Solar Inspection
American Union of Solar System Inspectors

To get your Solar Repair started, we need some information from you first!

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Diagnostics and Repair Methods and Approach

We partner with exclusively AUSSI-certified solar professionals to provide your system tests and repairs.

Monitoring Data Review

We check system monitoring data and energy production history to compare against present solar production.

Equipment Data Review

We check your inverters, batteries, and other equipment error logs to pinpoint the date problems occurred.

Roof and Solar Panel Check

If there are issues with the solar panel roof attachments or solar panels themselves, we get on the roof to check the panels for mechanical damage and the roof attachments for signs of structural damage and leaks.

Electrical Wiring Tests

Using various electrical testing equipment, we can identify which wires in your solar system are causing problems and replace only those.

Equipment Replacement

Your solar equipment may be under warranty. In these cases, AUSSI will coordinate the replacement with the manufacturer and replace the faulty unit. If not under warranty, we can order a replacement part for you and install it to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

System Modifications and Improvements

Some solar systems benefit from additional equipment like critter guard, which prevents squirrels and birds from nesting under solar panels and causing electrical hazards. We can quickly install this and other system add-ons.

National Electric Code Compliant with AUSSI Quality

Any repairs are conducted according to the safety standards of the National Electric Code as well as AUSSI’s internal quality standards.

Residential Solar System

Leased System or PPA?

If you are leasing your solar system or paying for it through a PPA, the owner of the system is obligated to coordinate and pay for any repairs.