Solar Diagnostics & Repair

We partner exclusively with AUSSI-certified solar profesisonals to provide you with an industry leading standard for your solar repairs.

How We Test Your System



We consult with you post-inspection to help determine the most critical items in need of repair


We pinpoint the root cause of any system issues you elect for repair


We repair all system components identified during the diagnostic phase


1-year workmanship warranty on any repaired portion and 5-year warranty on any roof penetrations installed during the repair. If any portion of the repair work malfunctions within a year of repair, we will promply send an AUSSI-certified solar professional to fix the issue at absolutely no cost to you.

Diagnostics and Repair Methods and Approach

We partner with exclusively AUSSI-certified solar professionals to provide your solar inspection.

Access Inverter Interface

Download Error logs, run a GFCI test, check server connectivity

Isolation Fault

This test measures the condition of your electrical wiring and can help locate faulty and unsafe wiring

Output Readings

This test precisely measures the output of your array and can identify issues which may be reducing your system’s output

National Electric Code Compliant with AUSSI Quality

Any repairs are conducted according to the safety standards of the National Electric Code as well as AUSSI’s internal quality standards. Guaranteeing you compliant reliable repairs.

Leased System or PPA?

If you are leasing your solar system or paying for it through a PPA, the owner of the system is obligated to coordinate and pay for any repairs.