Certified Solar Inspection & Valuation

Are you buying or selling a home with solar?

Is your solar system operating at 100%?

How much is your solar system worth?

How can you increase its value?

AUSSI is here to help answer those questions by providing quality inspections and valuations.

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Our Services

AUSSI provides quality inspections, diagnostic reports, valuation models, and repair for residential solar systems. In our experience, residential solar systems often are not properly inspected and their value is overlooked or misunderstood during the home buying process.



Get a detailed report on your system’s condition as well as maintenance recommendations to correct any safety hazards that are present.


A solar system’s value is often overlooked or misunderstood. We give you a certified appraisal of your system to make sure you get the best deal.

Diagnostics & Repair

We pinpoint any issues with your system and repair them. We want to make sure you know your system’s condition.

Leases & PPAs

 We can help you navigate the terms of your lease or PPA when selling your home and ensure your system is working properly.

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Grow your knowledge and business. Become certified to inspect and value residential solar through the AUSSI training program.

The Process

Step 1 Solar Inspection

Get Your Solar Inspected

Schedule a time online for an AUSSI certified Solar Inspector to come out and inspect your system. Our solar professional will verify system production, test, photograph, and document all system components.

Sola Panel Worker
Step 2 Solar Valuation Report

Review Inspection and Valuation Report

Solar Reports

Utilizing the information from the inspection, AUSSI will generate an Inspection Report that showcases system production, condition, as well as any recommendations for the system. The valuation report with be created at the same time as the inspection report.

Step 3

Utilize the Report in the Home Buying Process

Use the AUSSI inspection and valuation reports to stay informed during the home buying and selling process. Understand the condition of the valuable asset you are selling or purchasing.

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Step 4 Maintence or Repairs

Decide on Any Recommended Maintenance or Repairs

Solar Panel Roofing

We will walk you through any recommended repairs or maintenance so you can make an informed decision. An AUSSI certified solar professional will perform any repairs or maintenance you elect.

Step 5

Be at Ease

Rest easy knowing you have a trusted partner in the solar industry. With our selection of warranties, your system will be covered.

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